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Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, at the weekend, during the weekdays
January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December; Season, spring, summer, autumn\fall, winter, in the spring \ summer\ autumn\winter
Mary, John, Tom, George, Susan, David, James, Jack, Jane…
Smith, Brown, Taylor, Johnson, White, Williams, Black…
4、常见国家/人民/语言 (nation, nationality, people, language)
America-American-American                                            Canada-Canadian-Canadian
Australia-Australian-Australian                                                  Austria-Austrian-Austrian (奥地利)
Brazil-Brazilian-Brazilian                                                  Denmark-Danish-Dane
Egypt-Egyptian-Egyptian France- Frenchman/Frenchwoman - French
Germany-German(s)-German Britain-British-British
Greece-Greek-Greek Holland-Dutchman-Dutch
India-Indian-Indian Indonesia-Indonesian-Indonesian
Iran-Iranian-Iranian Iraq-Iraqi-Iraqi
Ireland-Irish-Irish Italy-Italian-Italian
Korea-Korean-Korean Mexico-Mexican-Mexican
Singapore-Singaporean-Singaporean Spain-Spaniard-Spanish
Poland-Pole-Polish Russia-Russian-Russian
Country, nation, state, capital, city, metropolis 大都市, county,district, region, area, zone,London, Washington D.c., Cairo, Tokyo(东京), Canbarra, London, New York, Athens(雅典),Boston, Chicago, Hong Kong, Macao,Tibet, Seattle, Soul(首尔),Toronto(多伦多), Washington, Ottawa(渥太华), Vancouver (温哥华),Paris, Berlin(柏林), Moscow(莫斯科), Sydney(悉尼),Los Angeles, San Francisco,California,College Road, Forest Road, Bridge Road, York Road, road, street, avenue, Block,
Asian, Europe, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica(南极洲),Oceania(大洋洲)the Pacific, the Atlantic(大西洋),the Indian Ocean, the Arctic Ocean, the River Thames, the River Nile, the Mississippi River密西西比河Amazon River 亚马逊河the Yangtze River 长江(扬子江)贝加尔湖:Lake BaikalThe Himalayas 喜马拉雅山富士山Fuji-sanQomolangma 珠穆朗玛der Everest 珠穆朗玛
7、中学科目名称/大学课程名称Subjects and courses
physics(物理), chemistry (化学), biology(生物), politics(政治), history(历史), geography(地理) maths (数学),computer science, philosophy, psychology, 社会学Sociology,人类学Anthropology,国际政治学International Politics
国际关系学International Relations,金融学Finance,统计学Statistics,法学Science of Law,逻辑学Logic,伦理学Ethics,教育学Education,中国语言文学Chinese Literature,新闻学Journalism艺术学Art,艺术学ArtTheory,音乐学Music,美术学Fine Arts,地质学Geology,工学Engineering,建筑学Architecture,农学Agriculture,林学Forestry,医学Medicine,护理学Nursing,中医学ChineseMedicine,管理学Management Science,会计学Accounting,气象学meteorology,植物学botany, 动物学 Zoology、遗传学 Genetics生态学 Ecology天文学 Astronomy地质学 Geology
eduacation, pre-school education, further education, study abroad, higher education, kindergarten, primary school, junior middle school, senior high school, college, university, institute, grade, class, campus, teaching building, library, playground, court(球场), dormitory (dorm),
weather report,weather forecast, wet, warm, cloudy, grey(阴天), sunny, snowy, dark, rainy, icy, foggy, storm; windy, fine, sunshine, snow, heavy \ slight rain, strong wind, cold , cool, hot, spring, summer, autumn/fall, winter; atmosphere,climate,temperature,frost霜thunder雷mist雾downpour, shower暴雨storm, 暴风雨lightning闪电land wind陆风hurricane飓风cyclone旋风typhoon台风whirlwind龙卷风gale季节风gust of wind阵风breeze微风fog浓雾dew露水humidity潮湿freeze冰冻snowfall降雪drought干旱, ~ degree(s) centigrade(摄氏); ~ degree Fahrenheit(华氏);rise, fall, drop,below freezing, above freezing
book a bed, go Dutch(各付各的帐), tip, soup, menu, pay the bill, food, beef, fish, egg, soup, dumpling, soft drink, steak, main dish(主菜),waiter, waitress, wine, soft drink, salad, order, fast food shop, reception desk; restaurant, a single/double room, check in(登记), check out(退房);
do some shopping, salesman, saleswoman, shopping cart(购物手推车),price tag(价格标签), fashion, men’s suit, department store, supermarket, on sale(减价出售),check-out counter(付帐台), size, color, T-shirt, shirt, sweater, shoes, trousers, jacket, shop assistant; try on, style(款式),
bank, money, deposit, withdraw, bank officer, check, interest(利息), credit card(信用卡),savings account(储蓄存款帐户),open an account, deposit money; withdraw money;poat office, mail, postage(邮资), envelope, stamp, cash , airmail, package, letter,
homework, exam, test, mid-term/ final examination, marks, text book, playground, department, Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, Doctor’s degree, Campus, lecture,speech, dormitory, semester, term, library, reading room, dormitory, dining-hall, swimming-pool, courses, foreign language, gym,school rules\regulations,be late for school, assignment(作业),
housewife, housework, bed-room, kitchen, waiting-room, dining-room, sofa, chair, table, dressing-table, cupboard(厨柜), furniture;
luggage, baggage, airline, airport, passport, check, railway/train station, express train(快车), platform, sleeping car, seat belt, take off, land, boarding card(登机卡), Gate 1, flight number(班机号码), nonstop flight(直达航班), arrival time, conductor, ticket office, plane, passenger; warning light, road sign, motorway, one-way(单程的), round-trip(双程的);
library, reading-room, renew(续借), book-shelf, novel, story-book, picture-book, fine(v.罚款), newspaper, magazine, reference book;
computer, typewriter, copy, make a phone call, arrange an appointment, secretary, manager, fax,
family 家庭 marriage 婚姻 spouse 配偶couple 夫妻parents 父母 child 孩子 single 单身者 male 男的 female 女的 husband 丈夫 wife 妻子father 父亲 mother 母亲 son 儿子 daughter 女儿 grandchildren 孙辈grandson 孙子,外孙 granddaughter 孙女,外孙女 brother 兄弟 sister 姐妹 twin 双胞胎的 grandfather 祖父 grandmother 祖母 granny 奶奶,外婆 grandma 奶奶,外婆 grandpa 爷爷,外公great-grandfather 曾祖父
great-grandmother 曾祖母 son-in-law 女婿 daughter-in-law 儿媳 father-in-law 岳父(公公)mother-in-law 岳母(婆婆) sister-in-law 妯娌 stepfather 继父 stepmother 继母
stepson 继子 stepdaughter 继女stepbrother 异父(母)之兄弟 stepsister 异父(母)之姐妹
foster father 养父foster mother 养母adopted son 养子 adopted daughter 养女
uncle 叔父,伯父,舅父,姑父 aunt 婶母,伯母,舅母,姑母 nephew 侄儿,外甥
niece 侄女,外甥女 cousin 堂兄妹,表兄妹 generation 代 descent 世系,血统
offspring 后代,后辈 ancestor 祖先heir 继承人
teacher, student, friend, enemy, husband, wife, neighbor, girlfriend, boyfriend, classmate, roommate, workmate, boss;colleague,boss, employer, employee, customer , shopowner, host, guest, manager, secretary, assistant, interviewer, interviewee, husband, wife,coach, player, stranger,landlord(房东)\ landlady, lodger(房客),
student, teacher, worker, engineer, doctor, nurse, professor, actor, actress, waiter, waitress, player, film-maker, director, tailor(裁缝), cleaner,farmer ,writer, singer,dancer, conductor(市内有轨电车或公共汽车)售票员, salesman, saleswoman, sailor, dentist(牙医) surgon外科医生A physician内科医生;chairman, president, monitor, dean, minister, Prime Minister, mayor, governor,
pain, have a cold/cough/fever/headache/stomachache, take one’s temperature, heart, lung, blood-pressure, flue, bird flue, take medicine/pills, toothache, take a rest, stay in bed, heart disease, heart failure, feel well/ better, sleep well, take sb. to hospital, check-up, physical examination, ill, sick, look pale,
Do/take sports/exercise regularly, P.E. lesson, athlete, player, coach,playground, course, court, game, match, compete, competition, competitor, referee, sportsman、sportswoman运动家, gymnast 体操运动员, the Olympic Games
basketball,football,volleyball 排球, handball手球, baseball 棒球,soccer 英式足球
ice hockey 曲棍球,water polo 水球,golf,高尔夫球bowling保龄球badminton 羽毛球,tennis 、table tennis= ping-pong,go cycling , swimming, fishing, mountain climbing, walking, jogging,
entertainment, relaxation, leisure, hobby, interest, spare time, movie(film), play戏剧, opera 歌剧, dance,ballet芭蕾舞,stage 舞台 curtain 幕, scenery setting 布景,actor,actress,hero,heroine,女英雄, comedy喜剧,tragedy 悲剧,perform, performance, performer, muscical (音乐剧), stamp collecting, watching TV, reading (读书),surfing the Internet,travelling, shopping, cooking, tourism 旅游, journey, trip短途旅行,tour,voyage,musical, musical instrument, pop music, folk, country music, jazz, Blues(蓝调), rock and roll, classical music, serious music kill time 消磨时间
By letter \ telephone\ mail\e-mail\airmail\fax\telegraph\words\                  By train\ railway \subway\bus\car\bike\plane\ship\mortorbike, on foot, on a horse,
22、旅游Travel, trip, journey, voyage, round-trip, ticket, travellers’ check (旅行支票),reception desk 接待处receptionist 接待员room service 房间服务
single room 单人房luggage/baggage 行李arrival time 到达时间make a reservation 预订booking office 订票处see sb. off 送行
customs 海关take off 起飞delay 拖延tourist attraction 旅游景点
departure time 起飞时间transportation 交通destination 目的地travel agency 旅行社driving license 驾照travel map 旅游地图
drunk driving 酒后驾车traffic jam 交通堵塞flight 航班vehicle 交通工具give sb. a ride 让某人搭便车in no time 立刻inquiry 咨询landing card 登机卡
23、节假日The Spring Festival, Christmas, Thanksgiving, May Day, Teachers’Day, Children’s Day, National Day, Mid-autumn Day, the Lantern Festival (元宵节),St. Valentine’s Day (情人节), New Year Eve (除夕),summer holidays, winter holidays, vacation, weekday, weekend, have a day off(放一天假), celebration(庆祝), congratulation(祝贺), presents\gifts(礼物), ceremony(仪式),
24、计量单位、货币Meter, centimetre, kilometre, kilogram, gram, mile, pound, ounce, square meter\kilometer, cubic metre(立方米), dollar, pound, cent, penny, yuan, long(length), wide(width), high(height), large\small(size),
Nature, natural disaster\catastrophe, typhoon(台风), hurricane(飓风), tornado(龙卷风), sand storm(沙尘暴), tsunami(海啸), earthquake, fire, forest fire, volcano, hit, strike, take place, bring damage to…, cause economic loss, homeless, lose one’s life, get killed, cut off electricity, water supply , disaster area, people in the disaster area, send relief (救济品),overcome difficulty, raise money, donate money to…
direction , in this direction, in all directions, afterwards 后来
backward(s) 向后eastwards . 向东northwards 向北westwards 向西 east 东方的, 朝东的eastern 东方的;东部的northern 北方的,北部的 northwest 西北 north 北;朝北,北部 northeast 东北(部) middle .中间;当中;中级的south 南, 南方, 南风southeast 东南 southern 南部的,南方的 southwest 西南west 西方, 西部western 西方的,西部的 westerner n. 西方人 ahead 在前,向前 around 在周围,在附近border 边缘,边境,国界
bottom 底部;底 central 中心的,中央;主要的 centre (美 center ) 中心,中央 corner . 角;角落;拐角 direction 方向;方位 distance 距离 distant 远的,遥远的 edge 边缘 far远的;远(farther,farthest,further,furthest) Forward 将来,今后,向前front 前面的;前部的 frontier 前沿,边界,前线 head (朝某方向)前进left 左边 ad. 向左 n. 左(边) left-handed a. 惯用左手的 right 右边 ad. 正确地,恰恰,完全地top 顶部,顶端,极点,顶蓬 ,bottom, widespread a. 分布广;普遍的
  Reserve/reservation reception/receptionist/reception desk register/registration/book
  名词:rent style reservation conference grades return flights accommodation details destination flat/apartment section a king’s room shower deadline
  动词:Reserve spare register sign appreciate
  形容词:Available amazing scaring boring incredible grand extra awful digital punctual
  副词:Definitely down though slightly
词组:check out start off look into now that in a long run on behalf of bound for apart from tour/scenic spots take/leave a message drop in on/at put sb. at ease drop sb. off in stock
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